Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Thrifting We Will Go...

Happy New Year one and all! Yea, I know it's already mid-January (how the hell did that happen?). But I'm telling you, the holidays plus a crazy cold that wanted to stay forever had me down for a minute. I'm slowly but surely getting back up to speed, which for the HBOC girls, is busy, busy! Since the holidays left my inventory of vintage bags depleted (always a good thing), I had an excuse to go thrifting and flea market hunting- my favorite! I thought I'd share some of my favorite spots to search and some bargain hunting tips.

An example of a great day of thrifting for me.

My Top 5 Thrift Stores in Orange County:

- Family Thrift in Orange
No joke, this place never disappoints. I have seriously never left this place empty handed and its cheap, which is unheard of in southern California.

- Savers in La Mirada
Ok, so technically this place is in LA county, but barely. It's usually worth the drive. Plus its super organized into sections and easy to navigate.

- Rewear in Anaheim
It's all about 30% off Saturdays! They have an upstairs section that is all vintage and just below furniture galore!

- Rags to Riches in Costa Mesa
I love this place! Its a large space and it's always crammed with good things. Random good things.

- Luthern High Thrift Shop in Orange
Its all about proximity for me! This one is super close to my house. You can find some great things for great prices here. Make sure to bring cash though as they don't take card.

My top flea markets:

- Pasadena Rosebowl
Yea, it costs $8 to get in and yes, its a drive from Orange County. But I promise it's worth it. Full of great finds and you could seriously be there all day and not see everything. Just a warning though, you will find a large range of prices, some super high and some awesome steals. Its a flea market, thats the way it goes. 2nd Sunday of the Mo.

- Long Beach Flea Market
Cheaper than Pasadena at $5 entry fee with more junk to sift through. Meaning, you may have to dig a bit at this flea market, but its usually worth it. I've come away with super great finds and cheap prices. 3rd Sunday of the Mo.

- Irvine Flea Market
Way smaller than the Rosebowl and Long Beach flea markets, but it's local and there are still some great things to be found there! Plus its free! 1st Sunday of the Mo.

Bargain Hunting Tips from me to you!

- When thrifting, for some reason Wednesdays and Saturdays seem to be my best days. If you are going on a Saturday, the earlier the better. It's no joke that southern California vintage is a hot commodity, so you have to be the early bird to get the best wares!

- That being said, I have found that although I get first crack on the best stuff early in the day at flea markets, I get the best deals later in the afternoon. Its kind of a crap shoot. I usually like to come at 11am or so, that way most vendors are willing to talk prices down because they'd rather that than not make a sale and at that time they still have good stuff left.

- Don't be afraid to bargain when at the flea market. Most sellers mark up their prices just for that reason. I usually ask the price and then counter with what I think is fair. Bear in the mind though, I know what things should go for. It's all about practice. And if something is super cheap and you want it, don't negotiate further, just buy it. Don't be a sucker! haha

Not to worry, I'll have more places to share with you guys next month!


  1. I find my best deals at yard sales, but that looks like a great thrift store list. I'll have to give them a look!

  2. I live right by the Lutheran High shop and the Family Thrift. I also work by the Rags to Riches. I am planning on stopping by all three in the next week. Thanks for this entry! Great info!!

  3. Thanks!!!! I'll definitely have to check out those thrift shops!

  4. thanks for sharing! i've been to most of the thrift stores you've mentioned... but never any flea markets. i definitely must check those out! :)

  5. Woo hoo, great guide! Lutheran Family thrift is my absolute favorite and I like to sneak there on my lunch break on occasion.

  6. OMG you have no idea how jazzed i was when i drove by a savers a couple of weeks ago! i haven't been to the one out here yet, but the one in madison, wisconsin is BADASS. they had this vintage dress section where i found this brown and red 50s scout leader style dress... it quickly became my favorite ever. but now i have no idea where it is and that makes me sad. dammit!

  7. Thanks for posting this!
    I also live in Southern California (sometimes, ha)
    and these locations will come in handy!