Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Now Here's A Little Somethin' 'Bout Nosy People...

True confession time, people... I am (Jackie) a nosy person. I like to read blogs. I use twitter. And I can peruse Flickr for hours on end. Simply put, I like to know what people are doing. This may or may not be the reason that I pursued a degree in psychology, sad! haha I'm not really sure why I'm a nosy sucker, but I've come to terms with it. I am what I am. Which is why I think Formspring was meant for me and therefore meant for Handmade Brigade! For those of you that don't know what Formspring is, I got you. Its a website where you can send and receive anonymous and not so anonymous questions and follow people and their answers.

Long story short, the Handmade Brigade now has a Formspring Account- yay. Which means you can ask us questions and get answers. Sounds fun, right?? So don't be shy ask us anything- random or not. And if you still feel weird about it, you can do it anonymously :)

P.S. Hopefully you guys know the title of this blog is from the song, Supersonic by JJ Fad. If not, then I know I'm an old hip hop head!

P.P.S. In reference to my previous blog- I am still upset that Coachella no longer has day passes available! I wanted to go Friday!

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